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The OpenBeam miniature T-slot system and its ever-increasing component library allows for fast, low cost prototyping of benchtop scale automation projects around commonly available industry standard components. We have one of the largest accessory collection amongst desktop size aluminum extrusion systems. Coupled with 3D printing and/or laser cutting, OpenBeam allows engineers with limited access to traditional machine shop resources to build highly adjustable structures in order to get to a minimum viable product, a completed automations project or a proof of concept prototype quickly.


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OpenBeam Starter Kit

Our best seller! An assortment of brackets and precut extrusions to get you started building things.

Bits and Pieces

The connectors, brackets and other parts that make everything work.


OpenBeam Projects

People all across the country are using openbeam products to create some awesome projects!

Kossel Pro 3D Printer

ZT Automation’s now discontinued Kossel Pro is an example of a Delta-style 3D Printer; the XYZ motions are achieved by mixing vector input on the 3 vertical drive towers. The extruder motor is kept in the base for weight reduction.

Automated Microscope

As part of the OpenLabTools Initiative, a team of engineers, working at the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, UK, created a modular automated microscope. OpenBeam’s desktop sized extrusion provided a highly modifiable platform for the team to build the mechanical prototype very quickly.

Camera Cube

Brad Justinen of Motion Sickness Cinematic Robots built this “camera cube”. Featuring 6x GoPro Hero 4 Black Editions, this rig captures a full spherical timelapse shots. Data captured by a device like this can then be parsed into applications such as Google Streetview, or speciality VR viewers. By using a desktop sized extrusion such as OpenBeam, Brad can make adjustments to the camera’s positions very quickly.


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R. D. Childers

From Amazon

I love it. I think the future of Open source items is going to be amazing and this is like the 2×4 (basic building block) of the open source machines.

I would like to see a stamped metal support brackets in the future but nothing I am doing remotely requires that at the moment.

Shawn B

From Amazon

These are exactly as described. Well finished with no visible damage or bends. Though I do wish they came pre-tapped. The only issue I have is it is harder to find connectors for 1515, but that is not a flaw with the actual product.